Emerald Law recently secured a settlement of £27,000 following a medical negligence case in which our client experienced the trauma of having the wrong bone removed from her wrist.

The case

Our client attended her GP complaining of pain in her right

hand. Following an X-ray, she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the trapezio-metacarpal joint with STT arthritis.  She was referred for an operation.

Our client then underwent what she believed was right trapeziectomy surgery. Unbeknown to her, instead of removing her right trapezium, the surgeon negligently removed the right scaphoid.

After the operation our client returned to her GP as she was still experiencing considerable pain in her hand. She was referred back to the hospital and seen by a hand specialist. 

The specialist found that

‘this lady was listed for a trapeziectomy but unfortunately an error occurred in that the scaphoid bone was removed in almost all its entirety. She did not appreciate that the wrong carpal bone was removed. She came to see me today unaware of the problem with the operation.’

A note in our client’s GP records also confirmed ‘It would appear her wrist surgery in February has gone wrong which is why she is in so much pain.’

The outcome

Our client was left with scarring and reduced mobility in her wrist after what should have been a routine operation.

Emerald Law Solicitors clinical negligence team secured a total of £27,000 settlement.

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