Emerald Law recently secured over £5,000 in compensation for a client who was injured at work.

Accident circumstances

Our client works in the printing industry where he operates an inkjet filtering system.

At the time of the accident, he was

carrying out one of his daily tasks which is to attach a pipe to a 400-litre vessel of ink. The ink suddenly exploded out of the machine and shot into his face. It went into his eye causing immediate pain and he was taken by ambulance to Royal London Hospital. He suffered abrasions to his right eye.

Safety and precautions

Our client was wearing prescription glasses at the time of the accident. He stated that because of this, he was unable to wear safety goggles as they blurred his vision. Goggles were available, but this was not enforced by his employer.


Our client’s eye healed after six months. Prior to the case settling he was awarded £179 as an interim payment from the defendant so that he could purchase new glasses which were damaged as a result of the accident.

When he returned to work, his employer made sure changes were made and that comprehensive safety precautions were taken. A full face visor was provided along with prescription goggles. Two employees are now required to operate the machine rather than one. He was awarded £5500 in compensation.

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