Here at Emerald Law we understand how a road traffic accident can affect far more than just your health and well-being.

One of our clients was recently awarded compensation not only for the injuries she sustained but also for loss of earnings and


The injuries that she had sustained meant that for a short period of time she was unable to go about her daily life. She had to pay someone to look after her animals as she was unable to do so herself.

What happened...

The incident occurred when the driver of another car failed to keep a safe distance behind our client and collided with the rear of her car. This subsequently pushed her car into the vehicle in front.

Suffering a sprain to her lower back and left leg, she was prescribed pain killers and underwent physiotherapy. She also suffered travel anxiety following the accident and a fear of driving.

The outcome...

As a result of her injuries she was unable to work for a period of two weeks and suffered a loss of earnings. Our client was also unable to look after her horses and employed someone else to do so.

A successful claim was made for these loses in addition to her injury claim.

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