Emerald Law Solicitors recently secured compensation for a client who had suffered illness whilst on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Holiday horror

Our client began to feel unwell just a few days into her all-inclusive package holiday. She suffered with

vomiting, diarrhoea, high temperature and fatigue.

She stated her symptoms were a result of the poor food and hygiene she had experienced during her stay at the hotel.

Hotel standards

Our client found that the buffet-style food on offer in her hotel was often tepid in temperature. Items were left uncovered, while meat and fish products were served partially cooked. She also felt various dishes had been reheated.

Hot food was often added to trays containing cooler food of the same type, and members of the catering team did not appear to monitor the food temperature.

Our client’s symptoms lasted a total of 10 days. Instead of basking on the beach and enjoying the Caribbean sun, her trip was ruined by illness.  Day to day activities on holiday were restricted not only on holiday, but also when she returned home.

The outcome

Emerald Law Solicitors successfully secured £2,300 in compensation for the client.

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