A recent Occupiers’ Liablity case saw Emerald Law win a client £4,000 in compensation after he was lifted off the ground by a crane after falling into a fridge.

The incident

Our client Mr O’Malley was going about his day as a scrap metal

dealer at the time of the incident. He arrived at a scrap yard to dispose of materials from his van. 

He had offloaded a large refrigerator and was standing on the back of his van, leaning into the refrigerator to unscrew a piece of metal.

A crane being driven by an employee of the scrap yard, suddenly grabbed hold of the fridge with the grabber. The client fell into the refrigerator which was then lifted off the ground by the crane. Thankfully the crane operator eventually noticed the client’s legs dangling out of the time refrigerator and lowered him to the ground.

The outcome

A claim for personal injuries was subsequently brought against the Defendants who denied all knowledge of the accident. As such a claim was issued at the County Court.

The case eventually settled 1 week before trial. The client received £4,000.00 in compensation.

Mr O’Malley said:

‘Emerald Law were very good. They were very efficient in dealing with a case of which the circumstances were very difficult for me.’

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