Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest challenges for businesses has been to find new ways of operating, to ensure employees, clients and customers are provided with services in the safest possible way.

Almost every industry has been impacted in some way; with office-based employees being urged to work from home under the lockdown restrictions. This meant that there was an increased reliability on digital technology and online solutions to facilitate communication that would usually take place face-to-face.

Keeping You Safe

The legal system and how legal services are delivered has also had to adapt - from temporary courtroom closures, to some legal firms closing their doors to employees and the public. Remote working has become essential, underpinned by technology solutions such as virtual meetings using software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype.

Here at Emerald Law, we have taken all necessary precautions to protect you, whilst ensuring that your case is still handled effectively. For this, our expert solicitors are still available in our COVID-safe offices, however, we aim to keep all communications to phone calls, emails and direct mail.

The future of law firms

Over the next few years, the legal industry is expected to become more agile and more technology-centric, which will help to improve many areas of services. With sophisticated technology already in place, combined with the highest quality of solicitors, at Emerald Law we are looking forward to helping to shape the future of the legal sector, for the benefit of everyone.