As a business, you rely on people’s promises to pay. It is not uncommon to be let down from time to time, but handle this well and it is unlikely to have too damaging an effect on your operations.

Debt Recovery: How we can help

At Emerald Law we have a team of debt recovery lawyers who specialise in getting you the money you are owed. We act for organisations all over England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, helping to force customers, clients and others who owe money, to pay up.

Debt Recovery: Expert advice

We won’t let you throw good money after bad. If there’s little prospect of recovering your money because the debtor is in serious financial difficulty, for example, then we will talk you through that commercial reality. But where it makes sense to pursue a debt, we will work quickly, cleverly and cost-efficiently to get it paid.

This doesn’t always call for court action. But if correspondence does not lead to payment then we will issue proceedings on your behalf. We will go on to take enforcement action where a court order isn’t complied with, because even a County Court Judgment isn’t enough to persuade some debtors to settle their debts.

Contact our team of Commercial Debt Recovery Lawyers, Liverpool, England and Wales 

Our debt recovery work is always for a fixed fee which we will agree with you from the outset. It’s important that you know exactly how much our work will cost; it means there are no hidden extras to take you by surprise. In some cases our legal fees can be added to the debt and recovered in full from the debtor.

Let us manage your debt issues in confidence by calling us on 0333 3052 837 or simply complete our online contact form below and one of our experienced debt lawyers will get back to you.