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Have you been unfairly dismissed from your job? Perhaps you are pregnant or have fallen ill, and you feel you have been discriminated against. If so, our professional solicitors can give you the advice and guidance you need to successfully fight your dismissal.

Get the compensation you deserve

If your employer has unfairly dismissed you, and you have appealed against their decision, you can make an application to an employment tribunal within three months to seek compensation. If you believe that you have been unfairly dismissed, you may have a case to take against your employer. You must have completed two years’ of service with your employer in order to bring an unfair dismissal claim against them. Using a professional organisation like Emerald Law means you have a greater chance of success.

Emerald Law has built a strong reputation representing people from all backgrounds in employment related matters. We work with employees, employers, unions, associations and professional bodies to advise on a wide range of employment related matters throughout the UK.

If you have been unlawfully dismissed you may be entitled to:

  • Role Reinstatement – you can return to your position within the company without any loss of income
  • Re-engagement – You can be offered an alternative position with your employer
  • Compensation – You may be awarded a compensation payment for the financial losses incurred as a result of your dismissal

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