Some people find the idea of having a consultation with a solicitor a little bit daunting, particularly if they have never experienced one before. When you speak to the solicitor over the phone, they should tell you what you need to bring along to the meeting, if there are any documents or anything else that could help with your case.

Remember, when you are having your consultation, your solicitor is there to help you and will explain the whole process in detail, so you know exactly what is going to happen and what will be required of you from start to finish. 

Before you have the consultation, you should make a list of all of the questions that you have and write down what it is that you are looking to achieve from the appointment. You should also take some form of photo ID and proof of address.

Depending on what type of case you are having a consultation about, you should take any relevant documents or images that will help to provide more detail about your case. You may find it useful to write down the details of what you are seeing the solicitor about so that you don’t forget to mention something that could be important. 

Don’t worry too much about what to wear, you are not expected to wear formal clothes for your consultation with the solicitor, just make sure you wear something you are comfortable in and that is suitable to go into an office. You might also want to take a folder with you so that you can file any documents that the solicitor provides you with.

When you have your consultation, the solicitor will be asking you lots of questions about the details of the potential case. This is so that they can gather as much information as possible to get a better idea of whether you have a case that you are likely to succeed with. Make sure you are as accurate as possible with your information, as any errors or incorrect information could lead to the case being unsuccessful.

If there is anything that you don’t understand, ask the solicitor to clarify for you and you might also want to take notes during the meeting and write down any actions such as getting documents together. You can usually take a friend or family member with you if that makes you feel more comfortable.

A solicitor consultation just involves meeting your solicitor and talking about the details of the case, it is an information-gathering session more than anything. 


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