Employment Law is an ever changing and complex area of law which requires us to continuously keep ahead of the latest cases and developments within employment law. Our employment solicitors have led many successful employment law cases and our vast experience of delivering comprehensive employment law advice makes us a perfect partner to take forward your needs.

Employment Law: How we can help

Emerald Law offer bespoke advice to clients across all industries in both he public and private sector. Our employment law solicitors have expertise across a wide range of HR, legal and practical workplace solutions, so you can rely on us for the most qualified advice regarding your employment matters.

Employment Law: Our services

Our focus within employment law is to ensure that where possible, your job is maintained and your rights are not infringed. Emerald Law can provide tailored advice across all areas of employment law:

Employment Law: Contact our expert team

Our experienced team of employment solicitors will advise you in relation to any difficulties you may be experiencing in your workplace. We can provide employment legal assistance, negotiate severance packages and assist with mediation in the workplace. 

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