It’s reasonable to expect that your working environment will be a safe one. Employers have a legal duty to make sure that’s the case. But workers still suffer injury and illness, and they win compensation for their losses.

Industrial Disease: types of claim

At Emerald Law we are experienced in all types of industrial disease claims, from asbestos-related illnesses, to noise induced hearing loss, to lead poisoning. There’s a vast range, covering all sorts of workers and workplaces and varying degrees of severity. It’s not just about the more obvious hazardous environments like factories and building sites; industrial disease can affect office workers too. It really comes down to the risks you are subjected to while carrying out your job.

Industrial Disease: how we can help

Our solicitors know the law around health and safety and employers’ legal obligations, so we will quickly put your circumstances in context. And we have sound medical knowledge so we will understand the basis of your claim and its likely value.

It is our aim to ensure that you are compensated. This means proving that your illness or injury was caused by your employer’s fault. It also means assessing how much money you should be entitled to for all losses including the cost of treatment, loss of income, other expenses, and compensation for your pain and suffering. Our team has the expertise to negotiate settlements, and to represent you at court if it comes to that.

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