Asthma isn’t always something you’re born with. It can develop later in life, sometimes as a result of exposure to substances or chemicals. When this happens at work, it’s known as occupational asthma.

Occupational Asthma Solicitors

Our personal injury solicitors advise people on their right to bring an occupational asthma claim against their employer. Typically you will have inhaled substances like fumes or dust over a period of time while carrying out your job and this has led to respiratory problems. Whether you have a strong claim or not will come down to the specifics of your exposure, including any steps your employer took to protect you from harm.

We will look at all the facts and explain the steps we would have to take to win a claim for compensation. We will work with you to gather the evidence needed and we will try to negotiate an early settlement. If this isn’t possible – perhaps you employer refuses to accept liability – then we will represent you in court.

If we agree to take on your case it will be on a no win no fee basis.

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