Reshaping a business, a team or a role is a commercial exercise that most businesses undertake from time to time. It can also be a people management challenge and is always underpinned by legal processes. The rules are especially strict where workers are being made redundant.

Redundancy advice you can trust

Redundancy is a reduction in the need for people to carry out certain roles within a business. Your organisation may be closing part or all of its operation. It may be relocating. Or there could be other strategic reasons to scale down – cost savings, or the loss of a big contract, for example.

At Emerald, we have a team of employment lawyers who work with employers to get the right outcomes. This begins with a measured view of the situation your business is in to see if redundancy is the only viable route to take. From that point on, we’ll guide you through the process of consulting and selecting staff, ensuring that the decisions you make are the right ones and that your legal position is protected.

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