If you have been exposed to asbestos then you might be susceptible to developing asbestosis which can have long term and damaging effects to your body.

Asbestosis is a harmful lung disease created by an individual’s exposure to particles of asbestos which are inhaled into the lungs causing inflammation and irritation. Many years ago the effects of asbestos were not recognised and tradesmen were exposed to the harmful effects of the materials. 

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Many miners, plumbers, builders and garage workers have developed asbestosis due to harmful asbestos exposure during the course of their career. Asbestos can be very dangerous as the dust fibres can enter the lungs and cause substantial damage over time.

The severity of Asbestosis can vary significantly, depending on the amount of exposure to the lungs and it can worsen over time causing additional health problems. People with asbestosis have an increased risk of developing other potentially life-threatening conditions, such as pleural disease and cancer of the lungs.

If you have been diagnosed with asbestosis you may be able to claim compensation if you can prove that your employer was at fault when you were working with asbestos. You may be entitled to industrial injuries disablement benefit, a civil claim through the courts or a lump compensation under the Workers Compensation Act.

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