Redundancy is about more than just losing a job. It’s usually a challenging time emotionally and professionally, as well as financially. That’s why the law insists on employers following proper redundancy procedures, and making the right decisions.

Redundancy: What you need to know

Whatever stage of the redundancy process you are at, our expert redundancy advice solicitors will be able to help make sure that you are being treated fairly. As part of this, we will look at the steps your employer has taken to select and consult you. We will advise on alternative offers of employment they make and any settlement packages they offer, negotiating better terms wherever possible.

Our team understands the stresses involved in a redundancy exercise. So we will handle your case sensitively and with clear, strong advice aimed at getting the best outcome for you. Your employer may appear to be in charge, but you could significantly affect the decisions they make and the basis on which you move on in your career.

Where employers get things wrong, we are on-hand to negotiate settlement payments or to run cases in the employment tribunal. Bear in mind that claims for unfair dismissal or discrimination, for example, can often be made out of an employer’s poorly executed redundancy processes. We will pinpoint the mistakes. And we will turn them into a positive result for you.

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