Vibration white finger is damage to the wrist or hand. It’s caused by using vibrating machinery like pneumatic drills and it’s common in certain types of environments, particularly construction and steelwork.

While it may be common, that’s not to say that it is inevitable. Your employer has a legal duty to protect you from being injured at work, and if they haven’t done this, you may have the beginnings of a personal injury claim.

Get the compensation you deserve

Our team of specialist industrial disease solicitors will talk you through the steps you would have to take to bring a claim, and the facts you would need to prove. It’s not just about showing that your employer didn’t provide you with protective equipment or adequate rest, for example. To win compensation you would also need to prove that their failure caused your vibration white finger.

We will advise you on the strength of your claim and we will help gather the evidence you will need to support it. If we take on your case it will be on a no win, no fee basis.

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