While tenants have some repairing obligations, such as to use the premises in a tenant-like manner, landlords are responsible for a majority of the repairs the houses they let out need. If they fail to meet these responsibilities, their tenants are entitled to take action.

Landlord’s repairing obligations

Whether the landlord is a housing association or council, they’re responsible for the following:

  • To keep the exterior and structure of the house, including gutters, drains and external pipes, in repair – structure tends to include floors, windows and walls, and exterior is likely to include means of access
  • To keep installations, such as heating, water supply, heating water, gas and electricity, and sanitation, such as sinks and baths, in repair and proper working order

If any of the above fall into disrepair, the landlord must fix the problem once they’re given notice of it. While the landlord has the right to enter the premises to do the works needed and must be given a reasonable amount of time to carry out the repairs, they have to give the tenant plenty of notice and must not act unreasonably.

Landlords must also take reasonable care to ensure people who use the premises are safe from personal injury or damage to property caused by housing disrepair. Landlords can also be liable if their action or inaction is negligent or constitutes nuisance.

Housing disrepair: why choose us?

If you’ve notified the landlord of the disrepair and they haven’t fixed it or are disputing that it’s their responsibility, please contact us. We’ve helped tenants throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland hold their landlords accountable for not carrying out their repairing obligations. We’ll help you get the work done, make sure you recover the expenses you’ve incurred because of the disrepair, and also make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation for the harm, inconvenience and damage you’ve suffered.

If you choose us, you’ll have a dedicated solicitor or team of solicitors who are committed to:

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