Getting the quality of care needed when we’re in hospital should be a given. Whether we go in following an accident or because we’re ill, hospitals are meant to be safe places, where we receive the right treatment, get the right medicine, are protected from infection and given the support we need to rehabilitate. 

Sometimes the care received falls well below the standard we can expect, or an error is made that shouldn’t have. If this happens, and a condition or injury is suffered as a result, it may be possible to make a negligent hospital care claim.

What is negligent hospital care?

Healthcare professionals and the institutions they work in, whether NHS or private, are expected to look after the patients in their care to the required standard. Sometimes hospitals or their staff fall below that standard and this can be considered negligent hospital care. Examples of such situations are when a patient is misdiagnosed, receives the wrong medication, suffers delays in treatment, contracts a hospital-acquired infection, develops pressure sores or is a victim of a surgical error.

To bring a successful negligent hospital care claim, it has to be proved that a healthcare professional’s or hospital’s acts or omissions were unreasonable and not in accordance with accepted practice. Independent experts, who are up to date with advances in medical science, are able to provide objective hindsight on how things may have gone wrong. This vital information helps to identify whether the care received was negligent and if the patient should be compensated.

Negligent hospital claims: how can we help?

We understand how serious the consequences of negligent hospital care can be. We’ll support you through the entire process of making your claim. We’ll communicate with those involved in your care to help establish what took place. We’ll put your interests at the heart of all we do, and we’ll fight to get you the highest possible award to help you cope with the consequences of your injury.

Medical negligence: why choose us?

We have helped people all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland win compensation for a wide range of negligent medical care by doctors, nurses, consultants and local health boards. This isn’t always decided in the court room. We will always look to settle a case before it gets that far by agreeing an amount of compensation that will be paid. But where that’s not possible, we will fight your case in the courts. 

You don’t need to worry about the expenses involved in bringing a claim. Our medical negligence solicitors offer a variety of funding options, will be upfront about the costs involved and take on medical negligence cases on a no win no fee basis.

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