The last thing you consider when going on holiday is having an accident abroad or getting food poisoning. However, unfortunately for many holidaymakers this is a reality.

We know how stressful it to experience illness or have an accident while on holiday. You may be entitled to compensation from your tour operator or holiday provider.

Accidents and Illness Abroad: Types of claim

Accidents abroad simply mean illnesses or injuries which occur in a foreign country and can include, but are not limited to:

  • Food poisoning
  • A winter sports injury
  • Watersports injury
  • An accident in a hotel such as trips, slips, falls
  • An accident when travelling by air
  • An accident on a cruise

In some instances you will be able to claim compensation for your accident or illness.

Accidents and Illness abroad: Food Poisoning

If you went on a package deal holiday and suffered food poisoning as a result of poor hygiene standards within your hotel then you might be eligible for compensation. Food poisoning on holiday can have considerable effects such as lost value of your holiday, loss of enjoyment or even in severe cases loss of earnings if you are unable to return to work after your holiday.

Making a claim: What you need to know

To build the best possible case for you, we suggest that you keep a record of your symptoms of food poisoning and retain a copy of all expenditure as a result of your illness: receipts from taxis, hospital treatment or medication. Where possible, report your food poisoning to your holiday representative, gather as much evidence in the form of pictures and videos about the poor food and hygiene standards as possible and ensure that your comments are officially noted and received by the hotel and tour operator.

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