Are you living in a poorly maintained council or housing association property?
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Everyone has the right to live in a home where they feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. As a tenant in a council or housing association property, your landlord has a legal obligation to make sure your home is maintained and kept in a good state of repair during your tenancy.

From ensuring it isn’t damp to keeping the gas and electricity in good working order, if your landlord is refusing to make these repairs than he is in breach of the law.

You don’t need to suffer in silence. Our specialist Housing Disrepair team can ensure the repairs to your property are carried out as well as recovering any compensation you may be owed.

Repairs your landlord is responsible for

A landlord is expected to keep the house in a good state of repair for the duration of your tenancy. He is responsible for:

  • Making sure your home is free from damp
  • Installations such as baths, drainage systems, toilets and baths
  • Gas pipes and electrical wiring
  • Repairs of the interior such as walls and stairs
  • Repairs of the exterior such as gutters, drains and pipes
  • Making certain that the property is free from vermin infestation

Housing Disrepair: What you can claim for

As well as ensuring your landlord addresses the repairs in your home, you may also be able to claim for any inconvenience caused. For example, you may not have been able to use a certain part of your home due to it being damp, or you may have had to sleep on a mouldy mattress. It may also be possible to claim for damage to your personal belongings, for ill health caused by the state of the property and financial loss.

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