Occupational dermatitis is a common disease in the UK. It stems from contact with irritants including coins, soap, latex gloves, detergents and certain foods. Your employer has a duty to prevent it.

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Where this duty of care is breached – you haven’t been given the proper protective clothing, for example – your employer could be liable to pay you compensation. You will also need to show that their breach caused your dermatitis, or its worsening.

Our personal injury solicitors have represented people across England and Wales in occupational dermatitis claims. We will look at whether or not you have a claim and will advise you on the evidence you would need to support it. Our team is made up of lawyers who have a good understanding of the medical aspects of dermatitis and its causes, and so we are well placed to deliver clear, sound advice on your case – and to help you win it. If we take on your case it will be on a no win no fee basis.

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