It’s common for employers and employees to disagree from time to time. Unless handled properly, situations can quickly descend into knotty employment law problems. We’re here to help you work through differences, whatever stage things have reached.

Dealing with arguments and disputes professionally

Disputes arise in a huge range of circumstances from misconduct, to ill-health absence, to redundancy. Catch them early on and you stand a good chance of steering them in the right direction. We’ll advise you on the conversations you should be having with your employees, and the steps you should take to resolve matters as soon as they rise. If the employee brings an employment tribunal claim against you then we’ll prepare your case and represent you at hearings.

Our employment law team has a strong track record in winning tribunal claims and in settling cases on good terms. We’re strategic in our approach to handling disputes and, as well as knowing the law inside out, we’re commercially astute. So you’ll always get advice and support that you can trust, on all levels.

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