Some jobs and working environments are more dangerous than others. However, accidents happen day in, day out in workplaces everywhere – and workers win compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

Workplace Accidents: Know your rights

The first thing to remember is that your employer owes you an important legal duty to make sure that you can carry out your job safely (whether on work premises or not). If the role requires it, you must be given suitable, properly maintained tools, clothing and equipment. You must be able to access and exit your workplace without danger. And your employer must be insured against the risk of workplace accidents.

Common accidents in the workplace

The most common accidents are caused by things like lifting heavy or awkward objects, using defective equipment and slipping on wet floors. In reality, the list of potential accident hotspots is vast. At Emerald Law we have dealt with a full range of workplace accidents and you can rest assured that we have a team of experienced accident at work solicitors ready to take on your case.

How we can help

We advise individuals in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland on bringing personal injury claims against their employers and, sometimes, against fellow employees. We work quickly to establish the facts, gather evidence and advise on the best legal and tactical approach to take. You will find that we are expert workplace accident solicitors in the litigation process, and we will support you all the way.

No win, no fee

We will run your workplace accident claim on a no win, no fee basis. This means that you would not be responsible for our fees if the case is lost. If your case is successful we retain 25% of your damages to cover our legal costs. (No 25% deduction from damages in North & South of Ireland)

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