Employment law is known for being fast-moving. It keeps employers on their toes but, with the backing of a legal team, navigating the rules needn’t be as complicated and perilous as it’s often made out to be.

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We advise all sorts of organisations. Our approach is always the same: it’s about making your workplace work. That means responding quickly to your query about dealing with a problematic employee, or helping you handle a flexible working request. It means working with you to unravel internal management issues, and designing the legal process around a business reorganisation. Our expertise covers a wide range of HR, legal and practical workplace solutions. So clients rely on us for ad hoc advice on day-to-day issues, as well as for intensive work on a significant problem or organisational change.

It’s our job to help you avoid employment law hotspots and to use the law to your advantage. Part of this is ensuring you have the right paperwork. We draft and review all HR and employment-related documents, from contracts and policies to compromise agreements, to interview guidelines. Having robust, up-to-date company documents is the first step towards avoiding, or successfully defending, employment law claims.

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