Planning for the future can be simpler than it sounds. With the right guidance, you will be able to organise your affairs so that your loved ones get the benefits you intend.

Wills, trusts and probate: Our services

Our private client solicitors advise on the sorts of provisions clients should be making during their lifetime. It may be terms in a will that transfer property or other possessions to named friends or relatives. It may be creating a trust to provide for family members once they’ve reached a certain age. Underpinning all of this is our guidance on the most tax efficient ways of passing on the things you own, whether that’s a house, savings or an heirloom.

Wills, trusts and probate: Planning for the future

We also advise clients who stand to benefit from a will or trust, and those who believe they may have missed out. Handling every situation with sensitivity, we help clients make sense of the arrangements that have been put in place. We’re also experienced in advising executors on their duty to administer wills, making sure that they make the right decisions and comply with the terms of the will and the law.

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