Settlement agreements bring employment to an end on agreed terms.

What to know about settlement agreements

If you have been asked to sign one of these agreements, it’s vital – and a legal requirement – that you get specific advice on what it would mean for you. That’s because the effects can be significant. By signing, you will be giving up your right to bring certain claims against your employer. In return, your employer should offer a decent package which may or may not include a pay-off and other benefits including a decent reference.

So it’s important to know exactly where you stand before agreeing to anything. Our team of employment lawyers advise every day on settlement terms for a range of employees. Some will have very clear circumstances; others more complex tax and pension issues to contend with.

We will get to know you and your situation. It’s then that we will be able to give you very specific advice, helping you negotiate better terms and make the very best of your position. And because we also advise businesses on getting employer-friendly terms in place, we know exactly how to keep one step ahead.

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