If your landlord hasn’t carried out the repairs they’re responsible for, or the repairs haven’t been carried out to the required standard, you can make a housing disrepair claim. Although disrepair claims are most commonly brought by a tenant against their landlord, they can also be brought by members of the tenant’s family. It doesn’t matter if the landlord is a council, local authority or individual – if they’re in breach of their repairing obligations, you’re entitled to take action.

When can a housing disrepair claim be made?

Before you can make a claim, you first need to report the disrepair to the landlord. If they’re liable to do the repair and fail to carry out the repairs within a reasonable time or to an acceptable standard, you can make a claim.

The amount of time you have to start your claim depends on the action you want to take.

  • If you’re making a compensation claim for damage caused by housing disrepair, you can make a claim during or after the tenancy, provided it’s within six years from when the repairs would have been carried out.
  • If you’re asking the court to grant an order or injunction requiring the landlord to carry out works, you need to make your application during the tenancy.
  • If you’re making a personal injury claim, you need to make your claim within three years of when you became aware of the injury.

How much can I claim?

Generally, compensation for disrepair covers discomfort, inconvenience, pain and suffering, harm, loss of enjoyment and physical injury. Awards commonly come in the form of a rent reduction covering the period of disrepair. How much of a reduction will be made depends on the average level of rent paid for a similar standard of accommodation. Receiving housing benefits should in no way affect how much damages a tenant receives for disrepair.

Damages can also cover the value of any personal belongings damaged by the disrepair, the cost of works you’ve had to pay for or the expense of finding alternative accommodation. Exactly how much you can claim depends on the circumstances. Please contact a housing disrepair lawyer at Emerald Law for a detailed assessment of how much you could be entitled to.

Housing disrepair: why choose us?

You don’t need to suffer in silence. Our specialist Housing Disrepair team will help you get your claim started and guide you through the entire process, making sure you get the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to.

From following all pre-action requirements and communicating with the landlord on your behalf, to building a strong claim and working towards favourable settlement terms, we’ll always fight your corner. If we can’t negotiate a settlement on beneficial terms, we’ll strongly protect your interests in court.

You don’t need to worry about the expenses involved in bringing a claim. Our housing disrepair experts offer a variety of funding options and take on cases on a no win no fee basis.

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